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January Featured Business of the Month – The Spa at Eseeola

We would like to congratulate The Spa at Eseeola, our January 2019 Featured Business of the Month!

The Spa at Eseeola Lodge is the High Country’s largest retailer of Aveda Hair Care and Body Care Products!

We offer a wonderful selection of Aveda hair care products!

Aveda is a highly notable brand that both our staff and clientele loves! Our most popular products from the Aveda line would include the Phomollient, Volumizing Tonic, Air Control light hold hairspray, and the Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner. The Phomollient and Volumizing Tonic were designed to create ultimate volume and lift. The Air control hairspray is a perfect workable spray that gives lasting hold. The Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner helps protect your color from fading while leaving your hair soft and shiny. One of our Kenra favorites is the dry texture spray. If you are looking for a product to boost up your strands and give added volume and fullness this is it!

*We are the only spa boutique in the High Country that offers Aveda and we work hard to keep our shelves fully stocked.  Clients have expressed to me how thankful they are to be able to purchase their Aveda products right here in Linville. Many of our current clients were driving down the mountain to Winston Salem or over to Asheville to purchase their Aveda products. It feels great to be able to offer our clientele of the high country, guests, and Members this convenience and direct access to one of America’s most popular lines – Aveda!

Below is some information about the line when we first introduced last spring…

Beautiful and Environmentally Conscious

Aveda is a prestigious Estée Lauder brand that strives to establish a sustainable balance between the beauty products we use and their impact on the environment. From ingredient sourcing to product creation, Aveda has become a leader for sustainable initiatives not just in the world of beauty but around the world. Each product is naturally derived from plants and extracts. Their ingredients are sourced globally but crafted within the US using 100% wind power.

Hair Care Solutions for Men and Women

This new product line is transforming our existing hair care offerings. We now provide a wider range of hair care solutions from taming frizz and enriching color to the prevention of hair loss. Although every product carried at The Spa can be used by men or women, with the addition of the Aveda product line, we now offer hair care products designed specifically for men.

Soothing Body Care Solutions

Aveda has also enhanced The Spa’s extensive body care offerings. Whether you need a product to help with tired, sore feet or to reduce stress, we have a solution for you. Infused within our elevated treatments, Aveda is now used throughout our facility. We invite you to visit us at The Spa and allow us to further introduce you to the new and environmentally conscious Aveda products we now offer.

Golf Approach

With George’s love for golf and his knowledge and treatment of musculoskeletal issues, he has developed a treatment approach for all golfers.  The main treatment focus improves ROM in the hips, torso and shoulders which reduces stress and muscular tightness in the low back.  This improves efficiency and reduces injury while helping a golfer stay on plane.  Muscular tightness forces compensation which often leads to havoc with a golfer trying to stay on plane. Here are the two Golfer’s treatments we offer:

Golfer’s Edge Massage is a wonderful way to prepare for a day on the green. Our therapists will use a combination of sports massage and stretching techniques designed to loosen, warm, and ready muscles for intensive use.

Active Isolated Stretching is a method of position and stretching, which isolates individual muscles and fascia to create balance and restore flexibility. A session of AIS will enable you to follow a simple stretching routine at home that focuses on your specific fitness needs.

Experience and Treatment

In leading the team of talented Massage Therapists, George and Mitzi’s background in Physical Therapy treatment bring a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience that would be found in the finest of medical massage practices.

Treating injuries acute and chronic is not a problem says George who often gets referrals from local doctors and Physical Therapist.  But our number one goal says George is to metaphorically walk a client into the Parasympathetic nervous system. Opposingly, most people reside in the stressful fight or flight response of the nervous system.

Spas sometimes get a reputation for having treatments of non-specific bodyworkers who just know how to give a relaxing massage.  There is nothing further from the truth at our spa.  Our Eseeola Signature Massage is very “therapeutic” and also has all the extras…….. organic aromatherapy selection, arnica massage cream option, heat therapy, dry brush exfoliation/steam towels on the back, and our traditional foot cleansing ritual and steam to end the session. We also offer guests an option of Aromatherapy Misting (Lavender, Lavender-Peppermint, or Neroli-Lavender) for ultimate completion of their session. The Art of Misting helps to refresh and restore the guest to slowly awake from their deeply relaxed state.

Mitzi also designed our own “custom” warm shoulder cushions used to cocoon our clients and open/warm their anterior shoulder while resting on the massage table, helping to promote ideal posture and best access to thoracic and scapular muscular for optimal results.

“Because our guests feel so special, they are disappointed if they go somewhere else that may lack in attention to detail and special offerings in comparison.”  George Bunton

Our guests and members LOVE our treatment enhancements, so I have listed some below, the most popular being our Back Exfoliation or Back Scrub. The enhancements are reasonably priced, so our guests get a tremendous value for an excellent price. These are “add-ons” to the reserved spa service.

Popular Spa Services…

Our top 5 most requested services are:

  • Eseeola Signature Massage w/ enhancement (back scrub most popular)
  • Eseeola Signature Facial with (eye/lip collagen treatment enhancement)
  • Eseeola Signature Manicure/Pedicure
  • Signature Color Service with Shampoo, Blow-Dry/Style
  • O2 Lift which is one of our “specialty facials” – here is a description:

Our favorite is the O2 Lift, “A Breath of Fresh Skin”, which uses oxygenated Image Skincare products to unclog those pores; leaving you with a beautiful, youthful glow. It is the perfect facial for anyone in search of “Eternal Youth” and the ideal choice before any event or summer wedding to have you “Red Carpet Ready”!

Enhancements Menu (popular with all our Signature services…) Add-Ons

Massage Enhancements:

Invigorating Back Scrub, Total Body Dry Brushing, Scalp Refresher, Hand and Foot Indulgences, Soothing Back Stones, Hand and Foot Scrub

Facial Enhancements:

Eye Collagen Treatment, Lip Collagen Treatment, Facial Renewal Masque, Nu Face Anti-Aging Treatment or any of the above massage enhancements except Back Stones.

Corporate Packages…

The Eseeola Signature Massage or Facial 60 min with a Spa Enhancement is the “go to” for larger groups.  They are scheduled every 75 minutes usually beginning at 9am and running until mid-afternoon.

This allows for a fabulous massage or facial coupled with a special addition of the guest’s favorite enhancement.

With extra large groups and advanced planning, we will often open early to accommodate their time restraints and begin as early as 8am offering extended evening hours in addition to meet the corporations need.

For the corporate smaller groups… the “go to” is the Signature Duet which we offer to groups of 4 guest at the same time. Works well for 4-8 ladies or gentlemen and offers them 2 hours of Spa time.

Signature Duet

The most popular dual spa service features our Signature

Eseeola Facial and Massage duet with complimentary

Aromatherapy, Full Back Exfoliation, and Steam. The

finishing touch is a full back Body Polish using our deeply

moisturizing Epicuren After Bath.     2 hr     $240

60 min Signature Facial and 60 min Massage with Back Scrub

We would also like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2019!

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