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2018 Annual Awards Nomination Form

2018 Annual Awards Nomination

You are invited to recognize an Avery Chamber Member (can be an individual, company, or organization) who has made a significant contribution to our community. You can also nominate a Student of the Year, who does not have to be a Chamber Member.
    The person or business must be a current Chamber Member, unless you have selected Student of the Year. Feel free to fill out multiple copies of this form if you would like to nominate for multiple awards; however, you may only nominate each person or business once.
  • Please fill out this form with the name and contact info of who you are nominating, and why you would like to nominate them. Specifically, please write a few lines about this person or business's accomplishments, how they have contributed to our community, and why you think they have earned this award. Do list community activities, volunteer work, personal attributes, and any outstanding achievements.

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