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Choose and Cut Christmas Tree SeasonĀ 

Here in Avery County, we pride ourselves on being known as the Christmas Tree Capital of the World. We love our nickname so much, that we have added an exclusive fifth season to our calendar. The Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Season is one that can be found no where else and it is something that should be experienced by everyone. In every scenario you can think of, coming to the high country to choose and cut a tree will leave long lasting memories and it is something that can be turned into a family bonding tradition. Once you experience the magic of walking through the trees with only the sounds of laughter and Christmas joy around you as you look up and see all of the stars in the sky, you will always want to come back. Bring your children, bring your spouse, bring a group of friends. Old, young, and in between will see the experience differently, but everyone will have that feeling deep down in their hearts that this is a place full of happiness and love. So come to Avery County, leave your troubles in the city, and see the sights that seem to only exist in story books. This is a place that we call home and we are just waiting to share it with you.