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More than just the site of the movie “Winter People,” Plumtree on Highway 19E in southwest Avery County is a breathtaking synthesis of history and beauty rarely equaled anywhere in the mountains. Though much of the recognizable manmade background from the film has failed to stand the test of time and harsh winters, hundreds of people still search out the pristine beauty captured in the Kurt Russell, Kelly McGillis production of 1989. And, if you’re looking for pristine beauty, Plumtree has it in spades.

The Toe River rushes vigorously through the center of the tiny community offering superb trout fishing and relaxation opportunities. The Fraser Fir Christmas tree business is bustling year-round and the local store/restaurant/bed & breakfast is always welcoming to the weary traveler. The most unique business in Plumtree is the still-operational mica production facility where past meets present in a true mountain setting.