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The thousands of travelers that wind their way into southern Avery County by way of US Highway 221 from Interstate 40 will find themselves in the crossroads community of Linville Falls. Nestled at the confluence of Highways 221 and 183, as well as the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Linville Falls community is a convenient stopping point for travelers from all directions.


The actual Linville Falls themselves can be reached by going north one mile on the Parkway to reach the designated parking area. From there it is less than a mile hike to view the beautiful two-tiered waterfall. It can also be reached after a hike from the Wiseman's View access road.

The entrance to this four-mile dirt road is located just down 194 on the right if you're coming from the Linville Falls community. Four-wheel drive and careful concentration is recommended for this drive, but the payoff is worth it. The road is home to numerous car-camping sites as well as a multitude of trailheads leading into Linville Gorge and to the Falls. Wiseman's View itself is one of the most spectacular sites for miles around and is only a short walk from the access road. Go at night and take your chances on seeing the Brown Mountain Lights.