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When George Crossnore built his small cabin close to Clark's Creek in the early 1800s, he probably had no idea that the village that would develop around the area would someday bear his name.

Mrs. Hattie Parks Wright lobbied for the establishment of a post office in the village in 1883 and she suggested naming the town after its original settler. Crossnore took a giant step forward in 1911 with the migration of Drs. E.H. and Mary Martin Sloop from Plumtree. Mary Martin would go on to establish Crossnore School, Inc. and all its various components including The Weaving Room and the Rag Shakin? which eventually developed into a monthly event as well as a permanent used clothing store recently renamed the Blair Fraley Sales Store.

Crossnore is also home to the historic Crossnore Presbyterian Church, a beautiful stone edifice located on the opposite side of Highway 221 from the central part of town. In recent years an effort to preserve the unique history of Crossnore has resulted in the development of a walking path alongside the bubbling creek in town, and the restoration of the original river rock dam constructed by the Sloops in the early 20th century.