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From the US Weather Service Reporting Station on Grandfather Mountain

The official US Weather Service Reporting Station located at the Swinging Bridge Visitor Center on Grandfather Mountain (elv. 5,300 feet) has been providing daily weather observations since August of 1955.

With rare exceptions, the temperature will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler at the summit of Grandfather Mountain than in the Peidmont and 5 to 10 degrees cooler than in lower elevations in the High Country. The average rate is 2.2 degrees per 1,000 feet, meaning that for each thousand feet you decend, the air will be 2.2 degrees warmer.


Wind Speed

Average Annual Rainfall 62.69 in.
Most Rain in One Day 6.38 in March 12, 1963
Most Rain in Two Days 8.10 in. August 9-10, 1970


Highest wind speed 200 mph January 25, 2006
Ave. Number of Days Per Year Winds in excess of 60 mph
31 days
Ave. Number of Days Per Year Winds in excess of 100 mph
6 days

Temperature Records
(In Degrees Fahrenheit)

Average Winter Snow 56.2 in.
Most Snow in One Winter 116 in. 1995-96
Least Snow in One Winter 8.14 in. 1956-57
Most Snow in One Month 54 in. January 1977
Most Snow in One Day 24 in. March 16, 1993
Earliest Snowfall
September 27, 1985
Latest Spring Snow
May 27, 1961
Highest Temperature 83 degrees August 23, 1983
Lowest Temperature minus 32 degrees January 21, 1985

Average Daily Temperatures
(In Degrees Fahrenheit)

From Fred's General Mercantile on Beech Mountain

Located at 5,506' above sea level Beech Mountain has a unique weather pattern. We have seen snow every month of the year except August. Temperatures in the summer are normally in the 70's and lows in the winter can reach the teens and single digits.  The high altitude makes for beautiful cool summer afternoons and wonderful snowy days in the winter. Our average snowfall is approx. 80" per year with many winters bringing much more. Below you will find information on our weather, and links to many weather forecasted for the area.  Fred's is the only Official National Weather Reporting station in the area and records the weather daily for forecasters data. 

Month Average HighAverage Low
January 35.2 19.5
February 37.7 22.0
March 44.5 28.4
April 53.8 36.8
May 60.1 45.2
June 66.1 52.7
July 69.1 56.4
August 68.2 56.0
September 62.7 50.4
October 54.3 40.5
November 46.1 31.9
December 38.6 23.9
Highest Recorded Temperature 81 degrees 7/09/1993
Lowest Recorded Temperature minus 15 degrees 1/16/94
Most Snow in One Year 137.6 in. 2009-2010
Most Snow in One Storm 48 in. March 1993